Live Entertainment. Art. Auction. Music. Drinks. Interactivies. Friends. Skin.  

This website will be continually updated with new preview photos, blog posts and information as Sept. 27th draws near.  

Touch this artist. And let this artist touch you.  Walk away with original artwork, souvenirs, and a renewed appreciation of the female form.

Consummated, gestated and birthed by a handful of wonderfully interesting human beings, Art Party is an excuse to bring together a group of individuals inspired by indulgent fun, togetherness and amateur creations of all forms. This will be no ordinary cocktail party.  Instead, it will be a shameless celebration of those in attendance.

As a backdrop to the event, a DC amateur hobby artist who took up the brush in the shadows of an English basement about 2.5 years ago, has decided to showcase and auction every piece of work in his portfolio (approx. 50 pieces) to benefit World Pediatric Project. To date, no work has sold or been publicly viewed (outside of those cherished guests of the aforementioned dungeon basement) and he may never take up the brush again.     

Due to the size of the venue and the absolute intimacy required by Art Party, tickets are strictly limited to a total of 130.  

September 27, 2014. 7:00pm - 11:00pm Open Bar. Afterparty to follow. Dress Code: fancy but minimal.            



Me and Freddie.jpg

Art Party brings together the passion and pomp of Casino Party 2011; the delightfully gratifying creepiness of the artist himself; with the thrill and excitement of a maternity ward.