A myriad of different posts: featured attendees, titillating guest additions, Haiku Fridays, Wig Wednesdays, important information updates, and organic posts meant to make our lives just a touch more interesting. 

Guest Post: Selected guests will touch us from time to time, in whatever way he or she sees fit. We don't say no. We only say yes. And we take it. Period. Full Stop.  

Spotlight: This post features a highly anticipated attendee of Art Party 2014.  September 27th will be a night of people, not just art; and the featured attendees are the epitome of everything this Event represents. The force of these individuals will make your mouth water and your intellectual loins quiver in anticipation. We will strip down each guest (physically or metaphorically) and hand feed you their unique, decedent aura.

Wig Wednesdays: Art Party will quench its thirst for exhibitionism and its fascination with wigs by featuring a guest wearing the transformative accessory.  Are you thirsty?  Child please, I know you are.

Haiku Fridays: A throwback for some of you.  A virginal experience for others. Make your kireji strong, your kigo relevant, your morae structured and make Masaoka Shiki proud. Read Haikus from attendees and contributors.    

Spotlight: Goodness Gracious

Gracious: Attendee.

This proud African lioness was at the top of our invite list, and for good reason.  White-hot sexy models aren’t invited to Art Party unless they are fascinating white-hot sexy models who can speak 8 languages. You can see this creature is straight-up-represent’n on the former and I can promise you she checks out, in a legit way, on the latter.  She is sure to enhance our night and spice up our lives with a little Afro-French-flavor to which most of us aren’t adequately exposed and of which it’s hard to have enough. 

Our guest grew up as one of ten children in the beautiful Jungles of West Africa (Liberia by way of Senegal), two places which, according to her description of naked people, dancing and pregnant women, seem to be municipalized Art Parties.  In talking to our guest anyone can tell she is both proud of, and inspired by her past which has empowered her to find beauty AND opportunity in the world around her.  Hopefully, you too will find it refreshing to meet someone truly appreciative of the American Dream and just as important, someone who understands what is required to obtain it. 

She is fascinated by beauty, loves her family dearly and is bold enough to immigrate in pursuit of her dreams and also bold enough to jump out of the middle of nowhere to protect the only white boy in the parking lot of Lux Lounge on African Dance night.  Isha provided me with a riveting experience, the extent to which is rarely supplied by platonic encounters. Now we are offering to share her with you.