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Uncle Joe: Ode to a King

Joe Habeeb (A man. A legend)

We wanted to give all the readers and especially our recent ticket holders a slice of inspiration and a little 'thank-you'.  Hopefully, this man will bring you just a portion of the joy he has brought us over the years. 

As told by Andrew Habeeb:

Who is this man that appears to be as comfortable sitting on a tipped over garbage can as he would a leisure recliner? Is he unaware of himself or completely self-confident? Has he no concept of decorum or is that something he instinctively knows is for the swells with which to concern themselves at their cocktail parties and clam bakes? Why am I asking so many questions? Is it snack time yet?
I suppose an introduction is in order....this man calls himself many things but is universally known as: "Uncle Joe."
He is all the things most of us wish we could only sometimes be.... to tell a perfect stranger that "ya know, you really do it for me and I wanted to say thanks. So, nice tits." Or to make it very clear to a person of influence that he finds his company boring and tedious. How liberating!  Plus, he is forever comfortable as he never wears underwear or sleeves. Yet, he is beloved.
He is a genius with no titles, rich with no assets, and is truly caring, despite not having a care in the world.
P.S. Oh Ms. Onion, I think you and Uncle Joe will make fast friends.

Two truths and a lie: Uncle Joe style

  1. Uncle Joe faked college for 3 years while citing a 'soccer scholarship' and U.S.P.S. incompetency as covers. 
  2. Uncle Joe boldly sports a tattoo that says "Glory or Death".
  3. In 1974 at the Kentucky Derby, Uncle Joe shed his jean shorts (recall above: he does not wear underwear) and climbed to the top of the in-field flag pole so that the Queen of England (she was an honored guest that year) could get a 'nice view' from atop her perch in the official box.