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Guest Post: Selected guests will touch us from time to time, in whatever way he or she sees fit. We don't say no. We only say yes. And we take it. Period. Full Stop.  

Spotlight: This post features a highly anticipated attendee of Art Party 2014.  September 27th will be a night of people, not just art; and the featured attendees are the epitome of everything this Event represents. The force of these individuals will make your mouth water and your intellectual loins quiver in anticipation. We will strip down each guest (physically or metaphorically) and hand feed you their unique, decedent aura.

Wig Wednesdays: Art Party will quench its thirst for exhibitionism and its fascination with wigs by featuring a guest wearing the transformative accessory.  Are you thirsty?  Child please, I know you are.

Haiku Fridays: A throwback for some of you.  A virginal experience for others. Make your kireji strong, your kigo relevant, your morae structured and make Masaoka Shiki proud. Read Haikus from attendees and contributors.    

Wig Wednesday / Spotlight: Queeny

LiLi (Attendee and Contributor) 

LiLi (Attendee and Contributor) 

In case you didn’t notice, we’ve made a definitive decision to bring sexy back to this blog.  What better way to do so than to spank you in the face with the one and only Queen of Art Party (AKA: Dixie Exacto, AKA: Lefty Tornado, AKA: Dr. Dina Mango, AKA: Roxy Nightshade, AKA: Scruffy Soapstone).  As a ticket holder, participant, resident muse and supportive enthusiast to the core, this brown goddess is, as much as anyone else, responsible for supporting the foundation for all that is Art Party and for all it will inevitably become.

To give you a sense of this total-package femme fatale, we decided to solicit some quotes from folks who know her well:

"It’s incredibly rare to meet a woman who checks so many essential boxes and especially one who is so dangerously close to the perfect ‘Hot vs. Crazy’ quotient it warrants us to beg the question, “Could she be a tranny?"
-Nelson Mandela (Former President of South Africa and friend)
"This woman has in spades what we all wish we had: sexiness without awareness of it, patience without effort, utter realness without intemperance, and the skin tone without the priors."
-Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones (musician)
"LiLi is so full of life she can’t help but enhance the life of those around her."
-Wilson W. Wilson Jr. (neighbor)
"You know what we always say... her congeniality has the stubborn infectiousness of the Ebola virus and the authenticity of a Maury Povich paternity test." 
-Dr. Laura Smith (personal gynecologist)

Just as I have, you’re certain to find inspiration in this Renaissance woman who, out of intellectual thirst and fear of leading an uninteresting life, takes up new endeavors on a continual basis. And she does so in a headstrong fashion with a style all her own.  Spontaneous travel, sewing, gardening, teaching, translating, real estate investing, wood cutting and burlesque are just a few of her projects of late.  Her most recent achievement / hobby has been horse whispering.  She managed to break a wild Lebanese stallion on her first attempt which, according to enthusiasts in that trade industry, is a very difficult and precarious task.