A myriad of different posts: featured attendees, titillating guest additions, Haiku Fridays, Wig Wednesdays, important information updates, and organic posts meant to make our lives just a touch more interesting. 

Guest Post: Selected guests will touch us from time to time, in whatever way he or she sees fit. We don't say no. We only say yes. And we take it. Period. Full Stop.  

Spotlight: This post features a highly anticipated attendee of Art Party 2014.  September 27th will be a night of people, not just art; and the featured attendees are the epitome of everything this Event represents. The force of these individuals will make your mouth water and your intellectual loins quiver in anticipation. We will strip down each guest (physically or metaphorically) and hand feed you their unique, decedent aura.

Wig Wednesdays: Art Party will quench its thirst for exhibitionism and its fascination with wigs by featuring a guest wearing the transformative accessory.  Are you thirsty?  Child please, I know you are.

Haiku Fridays: A throwback for some of you.  A virginal experience for others. Make your kireji strong, your kigo relevant, your morae structured and make Masaoka Shiki proud. Read Haikus from attendees and contributors.    

Wig Wednesday: Just Jim

Just Jim (Attendee) 

Jim likes dinosaurs. Jim sometimes pretends like he’s a sexy kitty cat to cheer himself up.  Jim suffers from Locomotive Disfectia Erectus: a congenital affectation defined by uncontrollable and spontaneous erections brought on by choo-choo trains.  Jim respects eagles, lions, and sharks.  Wolves are total weak bitches according to Jim.  Jim confuses 3rd base with 2nd base more times than not.  Jim expends a great deal of energy making sure people feel good about themselves and are included in the group. Whenever Jim sees a sleeping child he wakes them up and immediately tells them a lie like: “You were the reason for your parents’ divorce”.  Jim is witty and smart. Jim just doesn’t ‘get’ prophylactics.  He compares condoms to wearing socks in the shower.  Jim is always an honest friend who is there when you need him.  Jim is racist.  But only against people who aren’t fun. And poors. Jim is pretty chill. Jim’s penis has been referenced as ‘wieldy yet handsome’. Or was it "unwieldy yet cute'?  Jim has strong feelings on the issue of women’s suffrage. Jim was a well-liked high school Disc Jockey.  Jim still stands by his claim that he would not perform a sex act on another man to prevent 9/11.  Jim is a wiz at Real Estate.  Jim agrees with Heraldo Rivera that a woman’s best attribute is her youth. He ‘understands’ Vladimir Putin.  Jim is a good guy.